P-grow is an environmentally friendly, renewable, phosphate fertiliser with a valuable calcium content.

In addition, P-grow typically contains: sodium (4% Na2O), sulphur (2% SO3), potash (2-3% K2O) and magnesium (1% MgO).

It is a safe, pathogen free, environmentally friendly and agronomically effective fertiliser containing useful plant nutrients for UK Agriculture.

Its use on UK soils directly replaces environmentally costly imported phosphates.

P-grow provides phosphate (P2O5) in both immediately available and long lasting forms, providing the plant nutrient throughout the growing season - helping to replenish soil fertility.

P-grow contains calcium and sulphur, so helps maintain pH & soil structure and maximises the uptake of nitrogen and hence protein synthesis. Sodium will improve the palatability of grass and help maintain healthy pastures.

Quality consistent fuel source and continuous sampling means the physical quality and nutrient analysis of the product vary very little.

P-grow is derived from UK agriculture and is closely monitored for chemical composition and traceability. The incineration process takes the litter to a minimum of 850°C for 2 seconds and is WID compliant so ensures no pathogens or proteins remain. By creating a consistent quality ash product it makes it easier to spread accurately. The sellers of P-grow, John Hatcher & Co Ltd are regulated under the UK FIAS regulations and are also ISO9001 compliant. All deliveries of P-grow are supported by an appropriate statutory statement.

Mission Statement
P-grow is competitively priced with similar phosphate products across the UK and offers an alternative environmentally sound and reliable phosphate from renewable British sources.

It is the responsibility of the user to read and understand the Material Safety Data Sheet, to ensure that the product is fit for purpose, and to apply the product in accordance with the DEFRA Code of Good Agricultural Practice. Copies can be obtained from this link below.

Material Safety Data Sheet for P-grow
Organic status of P-grow
Although derived from totally organic origin, P-grow has not been given organic status. It cannot be used in organic systems.