Availability and Application of P-grow
P-grow is currently only available as a coarse powder and is best spread using contractors' moving belt machines. There is a comprehensive network of distributors and merchants throughout the UK who have access to suitable machines. It is ideally tipped on a hard, free draining surface, just prior to time of application. It is not easily affected by normal rainfall while standing.

Arable Land
P-grow is an effective phosphate fertiliser and can be used as a substitute for conventional fertilisers in nearly all arable situations.

Phosphate availability of P-grow
The phosphate in P-grow becomes available for the growing crop but maintains its release throughout the growing season providing the optimum release of phosphate so helping fuel the growth processes throughout the whole life of the plant. In addition P-grow adds to the long term phosphate soil reserves and therefore helps build soil indices.

This enables annual crop off-take to be balanced with crop in-take without excess phosphate being applied and being locked up in the soil non-labile pool or lost to water. This makes P-grow an economical and sustainable way of applying immediately and long-term available P without damaging the environment.

Farmed animals must not be allowed access to the land for at least 21 days following application to land. This is precautionary advice as P-grow is not itself harmful to livestock if ingested in small quantities.